Garage Door Repair and Installation is Easier Than You Thought

With the companies like Sawtooth garage doors in Boise Idaho, a garage door repair is far more convenient than you thought. Your garage door maintains your security, and it has to be a foolproof entry to your garage. 

Small tasks, big handlers!

Small repair jobs at home can be a nuisance. Finding the right person for the job is an added problem. Sawtooth Garage Doors is experienced in garage door repairs and installation. We know how to fix the broken, rusted, or jammed doors and are responsive and committed to our job.

Ensuring your protection

A garage is not just a place for cars. It may house many small tolls, daily use equipment that may be swag for the intruders. With our dependable garage door repairs and installations

Competitive prices with varieties of doors

We ensure the quality of service through competitive prices and stylish designs to choose from various doors from leading manufacturers.

Garage Door Repair and Installation

Sawtooth garage doors offer complete garage door repair and installation services to save your time. We understand getting your car stuck inside or out in the open is a problem, so we get to help quickly.

Garage Door Replacement

We stand behind manufacturer’s warranties and work with leading brands in the industry to offer you quality replacement services for your garage doors.