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  • Customize!  Chart of Accounts- Utilize the preset accounting setup for income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. You can customize the existing accounts or add your own, specific to your commercial properties.

  • Banking at a Glance- See bank account balances and bills to pay at one glance.

  • Full Accounting, Banking, and Billing Software Package, including:

Journal Entries- Post debits and credits to accounts for income, expenses, assets, and liabilities.

Transfer Funds- Transfer money between bank accounts related to your commercial properties.

Check Register- Customize your banking register to include an unlimited number of checking accounts to be used in correlation to your actual bank accounts, or to be used as a log to record expenses and miscellaneous income from your locations.

Enter Bills- Create bills that are due today or anytime in the future. Choose from your payee list, select the date due, and choose the billing expense accounts.

Pay Bills- Pay the bills you have created in Enter Bills from any of the accounts set up in your check register. You can even pay multiple bills at one time. These payments are automatically entered into your check register.

Make Deposits- Deposit the rent and other income you have collected from your tenants directly into your check register accounts. Print the deposit ticket to take with you to the bank and also view deposit history.

Write Checks-  Use the program to write a check for a bill due, to record an expense, or for any other banking purpose. You will also have the option to print checks directly from the program using our pre-printed check templates.

  • Payee List- Store information for those companies or individuals to whom you pay money. You can utilize this list when paying bills, entering expenses in the check register, and writing checks. Each payee entry includes a customizable section for all types of phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and website addresses, as well as a section for taking notes.

  • Memorized Transactions- Memorize specific transactions to occur as scheduled. These transactions include: journal entries, work orders, checks, or bills and can be memorized on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

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