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Letters & Reports

  • Customize!  Letters to Tenants- Merge specific tenant information into a customizable Microsoft Word letter template directly through Property Sidekick. The program comes with some examples of letters which you can use and edit, or you can create your own, specific to your commercial rentals.

  • Late Rent and Next Period Invoices- Let your commercial tenants know that you are ahead of the curve- print invoices for late rent and also for the upcoming period.

  • Late Rent Report- Stay informed at all times about who owes you money. This report can be pulled up in the Reminder System and can also be printed out as the Late Rent List.

  • Current and Future Vacancy Reports- Check to see what spaces you have available to rent in your properties at any given time by pulling a vacancy report.

  • Accounting and Banking Reports- Monitor your business’ income and expenses by pulling reports to categorize by account or property. This feature also includes the ability to see reports for any date range you specify. Print Security Deposit Reports, Check Register Reports, Bank Deposit Reports, Profit and Loss Statements, and many more!

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