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Highlights of Sidekick Internet Backup Service

Product Price Notes  
Backup to Cloud $119.00 year
Technical Support Package $149.00 year  
Support With Cloud Backup $199.00 year Best Value: $69 Discount

It's a good idea to frequently back up your data to a secure, remote location to prevent data loss. You can use Sidekick Internet Backup Service to automatically back up your data to a secure, remote location over the Internet. Read the following information to learn how to use this critical business service.

  1. Why is it important to back up to the Internet? -  We have heard it plenty of times. A software user has their computer stolen, their hard drive crashes or there is a fire or flood. Employees have not been making backups of their data files, OR they have been making them but have not taken the backups off site. Data loss is a significant hardship for companies due to additional employee time required to re enter all of the company data.  With Sidekick Internet Backup Service data loss will never be a worry again.

  2. Why not use another backup service? -

    • It is easy to restore your data through our system by just clicking on backup you want.

    • Sidekick backups will be encrypted as they go up to the internet for your security.

    • You will be able to view The Contents of each backup through your Sidekick software to verify what is in them. This is valuable in case you need to find a database to restore that includes particular data. For example, if you accidently delete a property, you can look through the backups to see when the property was still in the data.

    • The backups can be viewed within your software,  by date and size of the backup so you can view which backups are valid.

    • You will never have to remember where the backups are saved. It is all done automatically. Just back up your data and if you ever need to restore just click on it within the list in your software.

  3. How does it work? - Once you have purchased, you can choose to backup online manually whenever you choose. The software will also automatically backup to the internet once each day the first time that you open the software.

  4. How far back will my data be stored? - Your last 60 backups will be stored.

  5. How long do you store my data after my support plan ends? - We will keep your data files safe for 30 days after non - renewal of a support plan.

  6. How secure it it? - Sidekick Online Backup employs sophisticated security measures and uses encryption technology similar to what is in use by financial institutions and by the US Government. We will send your data to a server at Go Daddy.

  7. How can I verify that the backups are going to the internet? - Just go to File>Restore on the menu bar in your software. You can then click the Internet folder and you will be able to see a list of all of your backups that are stored on the internet for you. You can choose to Verify a backup to see if it is good by clicking on it and choosing "Verify". It will display for you a small sampling of your data so you can verify that it has the latest payments collected etc.

  8. Is it difficult to restore my data from the internet backups?  - It's easy. Just go to File>Restore on the menu bar. Find the backup you want listed on the Internet tab. They will be labeled by the date and time the backup was made. Just click on the one  you want to restore to and choose "Restore".

  9. What do I have to do to get started? - Just order Backup to Cloud or Annual Technical Support with Cloud Backup. If you do not have 5.8.0 or later, download the latest update to your software by going to Help>Update on the menu bar. We will set you up for automatic backups. There is nothing else you have to do.  Once your order is processed, you will see the new feature by going to File>Backup on the menu bar.

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